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A smart little app that helps you track your home’s energy usage.

Save Money. Create a greener future.

See your home’s energy usage. Get personal tips on how to find savings and use less. With a few taps you’ll make the world a bit greener than it was yesterday.

Better than emails and paper bills.

Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trends.

Knowledge is power. Get insights into your usage not available on your bill. With trends you'll be able to make better decisions for your home.

1.21 jigowatts and flux capacitors.

Make sense of your utility bill without a mad scientist. Stumply takes your bill, "stumplifies" it and makes it easier to read and understand.

Bill reminders.

Never forget about that bill again. We’ll notify you 10 days in advance when a utility bill is coming up and the day that your bill is due.

Great features on the way.

Never get “stumped” by a surprise bill again.

Surprises on bills are no fun. Stumply calculates your current usage costs and forecasts an estimate on how much you’ll be paying on your next bill.

Above normal consumption.

Define an energy budget and Stumply will notify you before you reach it.

Service outages.

Power's out. Wait it out or dine-out? Get relevant notifications during your next service outage. Stumply sends you updates from your energy company when you're experiencing a disruption.

That's just the beginning.

Stumply is more than just a tool for tracking your home's energy usage. It's a platform with a social cause — changing the way we as a society understand our resource usage, one meter read at a time.

Understanding the big picture.